Partnering cross-culturally at home and abroad
Partnering cross-culturally at home and abroad

Products and Services


Glocal Focus Associates offers a vary wide variety of products and services, which can be tailored to the needs of our clients.


These can be contracted as individual pieces or several different items packaged together to form a systematic training/coaching strategy designed to help develop, implement and monitor an overall strategic initiative.


What follows is a sampling of the kinds of services that can be provided; however, everything we do is tailored to meet YOUR unique needs!


Key Areas


Diagnostics and Analysis tools 

  • Global 360 Analysis – examines the realities faced by a client -- internal barriers and bridges that the client must take into account when working cross-culturally
  • Engagement/Adaptation Coefficient – A measure based on the Global 360 Analysis that indicates the clients’ current ability to make any desired changes and adjustments. This instrument will be used to help the client define what services or products will be needed to achieve the desired end.


Cross Cultural Awareness Tools and Training -- Materials and Coursework

  • Understanding and identifying World Views
  • What are Cultural Paradigms and How do they impact Work, Service, Ministry and Life
  • How did I End up Here and What am I Going to Do About it?
  • Understanding World Religions and the Role They Play in the People Around Me
  • Culture is Shocking, but not Deadly - Preparing for and Recovering from Culture Shock
  • How to See What I can’t See - Evaluating My Own Cultural Paradigms and Expectations
  • Keys to Being Effective in a different Location or in a Different culture or Language
  • Learning to unpack my heart from my birth culture and learning to accept my host culture


Mobilization Tools and Training -- Materials and Coursework

  • How to Prepare before I Go and What to do when I Get There
  • Building Effective Partnerships and Networks
  • How to get a team there and Back Safely with Smiles on their Faces – And Do it Again
  • How to Find Out Who is Already Doing What I Want to Do?
  • Getting the Message Out and Recruiting and Training Those Who want to Take it


Strategy Development and Implementation Tools and Training

  • The Difference Between What I’m Expected to Do and What I Really Want to Do - Understanding Core Value and Real Priorities
  • Understanding What we are Facing – People Group Research, Demographic Research, Mapping, People Profiles, Identifying Bridges and Barriers
  • Are We Willing to Pay the Cost to Achieve Our Goal?
  • What is a Team and How Do We Build It?
  • Creative Conflict Resolution – No, It’s Not Going to Go Away!
  • Understanding Strategy and What a Goal is and What it isn’t  - Building a Workable Strategic Plan to get from where We are to Where we want to be.
  • And So?  - Defining success for our efforts
  • How to tell our Story and to whom do we tell it
  • What Happens when we are Gone? – Preparing the next Generation of Leaders
  • What Can You Offer That is Needed? – Creative Workshop For “How To Start” Ideas


Personal Care Tools and Training

  • It is not Just you who is Going Cross-culture – Preparing your Family for the Journey
  • You Thought You Understood Stress! – The Impact of Dealing with Different Cultures on top of all of the other “Stuff” in Life.
  • How To Build Support Structures Before You Need Them
  • Picking Up the Pieces if Something Goes Wrong
  • Beyond Clothes, Tools, and Plans – Preparation is also Emotional, Spiritual, Relational
  • Building spiritual formations into your transitions
  • Discover and implementing your fulfillment rhythm
  • Learning to guard against burnout, stress, and negative self talk


Tent-making or Business for Transformation Tools and Training

  • Business for Profit and ????? – Is it All About Money?
  • Is Business “There” any Different from Business “Here”?
  • Connecting My Skills to Where They are Needed
  • Mixing Business with Pleasure – Achieving my Business Purpose and My Personal Spiritual Purpose


Packages of Product and Services


Church/Denomination Missions Ministry Training

For medium to small churches who cannot afford a full-time pastor of missions – Glocal Focus Associates can help launch a local and international missions ministry.  We can train lay leaders; help evaluate and create a vision and core values; help develop and promote an appropriate mission strategy; plan and conduct initial fact-finding, vision or mission trips using our networks; prepare members intellectually, spiritually and emotionally for cross cultural service globally and locally.  We can continue as coaches after the church or denomination is up and running with their plan.


Business cross-cultural adaptation and transition awareness training

For businesses with significant number non-North American employees or who may have personnel deploying internationally. Glocal Focus Associates can provide 1) international deployment training in the area of understanding and becoming effective in different cultures; 2) how to understand the impact of different cultural paradigms in the workplace and how to use them productively; 3) how to adapt leadership and supervision styles to make them more effective within a multi-cultural work force.  For Christian businesses may like help in how to better reach and minister to their employees through culturally appropriate activities and attitudes


Going On Mission

For churches, denominations or groups that have a clear call to go to the Nations and need help regarding best practices, how to prepare missionary candidates, and to support those who go emotionally, spiritually and financially. Glocal Focus Associates can provide help in 1) missionary selection tools and procedures; 2) vetting and training for individuals and teams for church-based mission endeavors; 3) provide contacts and connections with potential missions partners around the globe so that no one needs to go it alone; 4) help clients structure appropriate partnership agreements; 5) provide training and orientation in possible funding and support structures; 6) help develop emotional support structures to provide for those returning with counseling needs.


Payment for services

Payment can be made by check or wire transfer to:


Mail checks, deposit or wire transfer written to Glocal Focus Associates to any Regions Bank (or to the bank listed below for your convenience) and bank account:


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