Partnering cross-culturally at home and abroad
Partnering cross-culturally at home and abroad

About Us

Who We Are:

Glocal Focus Associates LLC is a coaching and consulting firm built on the strong conviction that God has a purpose and a mission for every individual and organization. We have recognized that many individuals, churches, denominations and others are struggling with how to remain effective in a rapidly changing society that is growing less responsive to traditional approaches and methods. The members and contracted associates of Glocal Focus Associates represent years of international, multi-cultural, and multi-lingual experience and training in successfully dealing with these current challenges and changes. This experience and training will be available to those clients who feel the need for the analysis, training, coaching and mentoring the GFA team can provide. As our name indicates, this company has the experience and is committed to helping with the simplest local need all the way to broader, global projects requiring extensive logistical and strategic assistance.


Our Mission Statement:


Glocal Focus Associates LLC will use all of the resources and experience available to it to mobilize and prepare individuals, congregations, and others to become more effective in multiplying disciples and expanding the Kingdom of God globally and locally in a changing world by providing information, training, logistical support, orientation, and coaching in a variety of areas.


What Makes Glocal Focus Associates Unique?


There are a number of different organizations and consultants who offer services or training in many of the same areas as Glocal Focus Associates. As a company, what makes us unique is where and how our members and associates have gathered our combined experiences and knowledge. Not only do we understand our own culture, but we also have decades of international life and work among many of the cultures and languages that churches, denominations and others are now seeking to understand and address. Because of our training, experience, and service, we are able to help at a number of different levels. We can help individuals, churches, denominations, and even some businesses by educating, informing, guiding, and leading them to take the next step towards effective involvement in cross-cultural mission service or cross cultural business around the world. We can also contribute by helping them design strategies and approaches that take into account different world views and cultural realities and will allow them to work effectively with multi-cultural peoples in their immediate areas. We are a ministry and a business, in that order.



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